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Ice water hash (bubble hash)



What is ice water hash

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Hash is a generic term used for the compressed resin glands which have been removed from the cannabis plant. Anyone that has grown cannabis will be familiar with ‘scissor hash’ which accumulates on the scissors during harvest. Cannabis is coated with oily trichome resin glands which contain the cannabinoids. One simple way of making hash is to roll buds between your hands. Your hands become sticky as the resin glands transfer from the buds to your skin. This resin can be scraped off the hands and rolled into a ball of hash. It’s not the most efficient use of your buds though, and there are some more modern and effective ways to convert buds into hash.Buy bubble hash online

How do you make hash from ice and water?

When cannabis buds, leaves, and harvest trim are churned around in ice-cold water the resin glands drop off the plant material into the water. From there they can be collected in special hash bags. It’s important that the whole process is conducted at low temperatures. The water should contain plenty of ice, ideally, it should be around 0ºC. The water and ice mixture is prepared in a large container, often a clean plastic tub or clean plastic bin. Inside the bin, you need to place your hash bags. One of the original Dutch hash bag brands is called the Ice-O-Lator series. They come in various sizes, for personal or larger scale hash production. The hash bags contain mesh nets with specific size gaps in the net e.g. 160, 120, 73 and 25 microns.

Professional tips for making hash from ice and water

Many seasoned hash experts like to use filtered water. Converts to filtered water include the ex.tractor team from Barcelona, who kindly supplied the pictures showing some of their recent hash production which is destined for the best Barcelona social clubs. Filtered water is free from minerals, such as inorganic salts which can be abundant in hard water areas. Filtered water helps produce extra pure hash and is a connoisseur touch.
Some hash makers add carbon dioxide pellets to the water to help it stay really cold during a long hash churning session. These can be bought from catering suppliers or even online, just search ‘dry ice’. Just a few CO2 pellets sprinkled into the mixture can really ensure ice-cold water temperatures. Buy ice water hash Buy bubble hash online Order bubble hash online Marijuana hash for sale Buy marijuana concenterates online Marijuana hash price

How to collect and dry the hash

Most people simply scoop the slurry of wet hash particles from each hash bag and scrape it off onto a sheet of greaseproof paper or silicone pad to dry slowly over a couple of days. This allows the water to evaporate naturally, leaving behind the powdered hash particles. Hash connoisseurs often label the hash, according to the size of the mesh used to produce it and the cannabis seed variety used. Avoid exposing your hash to high temperatures, it easily gets sticky and squishy.
Some people like their hash in powdered form, this makes it easy to sprinkle into a joint or vaporizer. Other people love to roll their hash into a traditional ball. Some people roll hash into thin tubes which they lay inside a joint. This will sizzle and supercharge the potency as well as giving a penetrating hashy scent when the joint is lit.

What are the benefits of hash?

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The simplicity of producing a cannabis concentrate using nothing more than ice and water has all the natural attractions. There are no solvents involved and no impurities which can be added. Hash is a cannabis concentrate which is easy to make. And for many hash lovers, nothing has quite the same rich aroma and overpowering narcotic effects. The good quality hash will always be popular with recreational and medical cannabis users and growers. One of the benefits of growing your own cannabis at home from feminized or autoflower seeds is that you can easily produce a surplus harvest. Many home growers convert their surplus buds into cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil, shatter, BHO or hash. Homegrown cannabis has some great advantages, being able to make your own hash collection is one of them.

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